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герб Kemerovo


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About Kemerovo

Population: 544 ths
Founded: 1701
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 4447

Kemerovo is a young city in the southern part of Western Siberia. This is an administrative center of the Kemerovo region. The city settled down in the territory of one of the most large-scale coal deposits in the world - in the northern part of the Kuznetsk Basin, on the banks of Tom River, at its joining with Iskitim River. From the capital it is separated by the distance of 3,482 km.

It seems that the name of the city has occurred from the Turkic word "kemer" that means “belt”, “coast”, “hill”, “mountain", or "kyomyur" wich is translated as "coal". Kemerovo was mentioned for the first time as Komarovo village in Daniel Gottlieb Messershmidt's notes dated 1721. The district city of Shcheglovsk was formed in 1918 in a place of the village of Shcheglovo. The city received the modern name on March 27, 1932.

Collieries work and actively develop today in Kemerovo. Besides that, there are also enterprises of chemical, as well as light and food industry.

One of the main sights of Kemerovo is the Holy Trinity Church, which was under construction during ten years (from 1998 to 2008). A library and Sunday school function at church.

The Cathedral of the Holy Sign-Painter is one more important architectural object. This is a monument of architecture of regional significance. Excursions are conducted by clergymen of the cathedral for tourist groups and for everyone. There is a benefit refectory visited daily by all needing citizens at this cathedral.

As for the cultural life of Kemerovo, it’s rather eventful. For example, Kemerovo regional drama theater has in the repertoire both classical and modern performances. Some days in a year theater holds Open Days when it is possible to visit backstage and see rehearsals.

Besides that, some museums work in Kemerovo; among them is the only in Russia coal museum.

Also, the city of Kemerovo is interesting by a large number of monuments and various sculptural compositions.

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